What is this all about?

Well, I am tired of FaceBook.  What?  Yeah that is pretty much it.  I am tired of worrying about Face Book’s lack of concern for my privacy, and wondering how my data is being used.  The last straw was this week when it was discovered that Face Book released members private information to outside vendors, violating their own privacy rules.  Look the fact is that Face Book was started and is run by a guy who doesn’t care much about privacy.  So privacy takes a backseat.  That was ok when Face Book was just a cool little site that we all used to keep in touch.  But Face Book has grown to be the primary way we all stay in touch as well as communicate.  That means all – and I mean ALL – of our communications are being stored on their servers, and they have complete control of it.  They don’t delete it ever!  It doesn’t matter whether you delete it from your profile.  Their policy is to keep that stuff.  I work in the industry and I can tell you I am not comfortable with that.  Period.  Not anymore.

There are other reasons of course.  I got tired of accumulating friends that are not really friends.  Just because I knew you in high school or worked with you 15 years ago, doesn’t mean we are friends. So in the outside world, if we are not friends, I just don’t call you or hang out with you.  But the accumulation of friends like these means these people see what you are doing on Face Book, unless you manipulate your privacy settings.  I have had people I never really talk to send me a message on Face Book asking why I changed my privacy settings to exclude them or de-friend them, even though we are not really friends.  It’s like people expect that because you are my friend in Face Book, that we are REALLY friends.  It is nothing personal mind you.  It is just that I reserve the right to keep my stuff private but doing so in Face Book can lead to hurt feelings.  Yeah ok you say – John who gives a crap what they think.  Well I just got tired of the invasion of privacy and the expectation of sharing you are subjected to on Face Book.

So I started this blog.  This is where I will share only information that I don’t care the whole world sees.  If you are seeing this it is because I intend for you to see it.  I don’t know if this is any better or worse than Face Book.  But I am just tired of the Face Book thing.  So there.  Bye.