Please help me understand….

I am reading the reports of the rioting in France.  Apparently Sarkozy is going to sign a law increasing the retirement age from 60 to 62.  So in response, workers are revolting, turning over cars, blocking airports and fuel stations, settings everything on fire, and generally paralyzing the country.  Why exactly?

Can someone please help me understand why raising the retirement age to 62 is causing this?  Yes I understand that France in not the US.  I understand it is a different culture, different society and they are accustomed to living a different way.  But really folks?  Rioting?  If this is what France needs to do to ensure that pensions are saved, then this is what has to happen.  I can only pray that the French people calm down, look at things with a little different perspective and realize the times we are in.  Times are a changing, France.  Get with the times.