News Junkie

I admit it.

I’m a news junkie.

I am constantly checking the latest updates.

During work, I usually have a web page open. I don’t let it affect my productivity, but while waiting for a response on something I need to get done, or during a break, I will look at my page, which has about 6 widgets from different news organizations, some of which are:

  • Google top news
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Miami Herald

In addition to the Internet at work, I also get news on my Android smart phone, as well as TV at home. We are constantly inundated with news 24/7 these days, and most of it is negative. It seems like everywhere we turn, we are hearing about kids disappearing, wars going on, politicians getting in trouble or fighting with each other, natural disasters happening, or some other catastrophe.

So it makes me think – is our world falling apart? I don’t know. There are definitely horrible things that happen in this fallen world that was not so “in your face” before. But wars and crimes have been happening since this world began. It is no doubt that imperfect beings are capable of great sin. The difference today is that we have a media that feeds off of it, and ratings and hopes of exposure cause them to show us the dark side of our world, in the hopes of catching our attention. They are quite successful.

Just today I am saddened to hear about yet another school shooting. A former student walked into a Brazilian school and killed 13 students, before turning the gun on himself. Stories like these break my heart. Thoughts race in my head, wondering what would possess someone like this to selfishly take the life of so many. Then I look at another story about our own country, and the politicians who – again – selfishly use political positioning as a reason to cause a government shutdown, rather than make the difficult but necessary decisions to get our country back on the right track fiscally.

With so many negative things, one wonders if this world is crumbling around us.

Is the end near?

  • On March 23rd, 2011, more than 2000 people from Calvary Chapel in Ft Lauderdale cleaned up parks, gave free car washes, and fed the homeless in Broward County, spreading the word of God. You probably did not hear that on the news.
  • The Obama administration has pledged 100 million dollars to Haiti to help earthquake victims. Many faith based organizations – my church included – has sent missionaries to the country since the earthquake. When was the last time you heard anything good about Haiti in the news?
  • As usual, faith-based organizations and churches have come to the rescue – this time in Japan. Millions have already been raised and missions are on the ground helping. The news today centers more around the nuclear disaster, but where is the discussion of the enormous outpouring of help coming from generous Americans? The negative coverage far outweighs the positive coverage.

I know many people have discussed this same topic. I am not the first. My point here is how we as Christians should deal with the news we hear. How should we react to negative news we hear in a positive way. From time to time I hear the discussions of end times. Some Christians use the negative news as a way of proclaiming that Jesus is coming soon, that we should repent, lest we be left out of the kingdom. Don’t get me wrong. I think there is definitely a place for these discussions in our study of the Bible. I think it is important for us to understand that Jesus will come back, and how to prepare for His coming.

However, I think there is definitely a danger when we cross the line and profess to have special knowledge as to when it will happen. I believe it is very important to put world events in perspective. Bad things have been happening since the beginning of time. The difference today is that technology has been used to take those bad things and throw them in our face in such a way that – well – sometimes we lose perspective. When will Jesus come back? I have no idea, and neither do you. None of us know, and to look at our world and try to make some kind of decision that His coming is imminent is wrong.

So what do we do? How do we deal with this “in your face” news?

We pray.

Then we do what Jesus told us to do.

“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Matthew 22:38-40

It is not for us to predict when He will come back. We are to love God and our neighbors. If we do that, then Jesus will live within us, in our hearts.

He is already here!

All we have to do is let Him in.


2 thoughts on “News Junkie

  1. I like to think that there isn’t really some special date for Jesus to come back moreover that Jesus is always here. How we treat each other when no one’s looking, how we regard the effects of our daily work, etc. I mean, I do believe there will be a date for His return, but I also think that we need to be the “Jesus” to each other sometimes we wished we had for ourselves. Just a thought.


    • I believe you are correct in many ways. The overall theme Jesus, and therefore God, wishes to convey to His people is that of love. But not just any kind of love, agape love, which is unconditional love. What better way to express His love than to lay down His life for us, even though we did not deserve it.

      Thanks for your comments…


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