Holding Hands


Over the last few days I have been noticing things.

As a foster parent there are quite a few unknowns for us.  Right now we have no idea what our little one’s life was like before God placed her in our care.

Was she hugged often?  Was she yelled at, abused?  I will find out soon enough but right now these and other things are mysteries.

What I do know is this.  The first few days, holding her hands was a problem.  She didn’t like it.  Every time I tried she pulled away.  Sometimes her facial expression would change but other times she would just pull her hand away.  It was as if to say that type of touch is reserved for someone else and you are not him. Or maybe holding her hand triggered a memory.  No way to know right now.

So last night I was sitting next to her as she went to bed. At this point she still needs someone with her until she falls asleep.  She was a little restless so I tucked her in for the fourth or fifth time and told her to go to sleep.

Then I did it.

I held her hand.

No resistance.

After a few minutes I removed my hand.
She found it.

Don’t know if this is a breakthrough or what.

But hand holding at bed time is now ok.